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116th Street Block Association
116th Street Block Association is a civic association dedicated to providing programs and services to the community members in the 116th Street area. It works to provide the means for people in the neighborhood to obtain accurate and timely information concerning plans and programs affecting all aspects of community development.
Website: www.116blockassociation.com/ Phone: 212-860-4100
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125th Street Business Improvement District
The 125th Street Business Improvement District's seeks to expand sustainable economic activity in the area including the creation or expansion of businesses and the development of jobs for community residents. Maximize the ability of local residents, businesses and institution to benefit from any and all opportunities created by commercial revitalization efforts. Improve the quality of life in the community.
Website: www.125thstreet.nyc/ Phone: 212-662-8999
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34th Street Partnership
The 34th Street Partnership is a not-for-profit, private management company organized as a business improvement district (BID). The 34th Street Partnership's mission is to keep one of NYC's greatest shopping districts clean, safe and attractive to businesses, workers, and visitors.
Website: www.34thstreet.org/ Phone: 212-719-3434
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42nd Street Development Corporation
The 42nd Street Development Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation created in 1976 to rescue the west end of Manhattan's 42nd Street from 50 years of neglect and misuse. Their goal is to use the arts as a catalyst for economic development.
Website: www.42sdc.org Phone: 212-695-4242
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5 Dutch Days
5 Dutch Days in the fall seeks to build awareness of the continuous presence and influence of Dutch arts and culture in New York City. The program showcases Dutch talent across a wide range of styles and genres including the performing and visual arts, architecture and design, film, fashion, food, language and more. 5 Dutch Days honors old traditions and classical forms alongside new and bold expressions of Dutch art and culture today. Marketing of the 5 Dutch Days program via online and print media is intended to bring Dutch talent to the forefront of the arts culture scene in New York City each fall.
Website: www.5dutchdaysnyc.org/ Phone:
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596 Acres
596 Acres champions resident stewardship of land to build more just and equitable cities.
Website: 596acres.org/ Phone: 718-316-6092
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82nd Street Partnership
82nd Street Partnership seeks to improve quality of life and support business growth by creating a cleaner, more welcoming and sustainable neighborhood for everyone. We achieve this through a range of local economic development programs, including neighborhood marketing, placemaking, streetscape beautification, supplemental sanitation, and advocacy. A not-for-profit entity, the Partnership is responsible for managing and promoting the local business improvement district (BID), which covers four blocks and includes 44 properties, a triangle plaza, and nearly 200 businesses.
Website: http://www.82ndstreet.org/home/ Phone: 718-335-9421
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Abyssinian Development Corporation
Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) is a not-for-profit comprehensive community and economic development corporation dedicated to building the human, social, and physical capital in Harlem. ADC seeks to “rebuild Harlem, brick by brick, block by block.” As they continue the commitment to uplifting the Harlem community through comprehensive programs and services, fortifying the family unit from early childhood to seniors is crucial to completely fulfilling this charge.
Website: http://www.adcorp.org Phone: 646-442-6599
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Adventures in Preservation
Adventures in Preservation seeks to connect people and preservation through enriching experiential programs that safeguard heritage and foster community sustainability.
Website: http://adventuresinpreservation.org/ Phone: 303.444.0128
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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation promotes the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of our nation’s diverse historic resources, and advises the President and the Congress on national historic preservation policy.
Website: http://www.achp.gov/ Phone: 202-517-0200
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African Burial Ground National Monument
The stories of the African Burial Ground teach us how free and enslaved Africans contributed to the physical and spiritual development of Lower Manhattan during the 17th and 18th centuries.
Website: www.nps.gov/afbg/index.htm Phone: 212-637-2019
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AIA (American Institute of Architects): New York Chapter
AIA New York Chapter is the oldest and largest chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The Chapter's members includes practicing architects, allied professionals, students, and public members interested in architecture and design. The AIA New York Chapter is dedicated to three goals: design excellence, public outreach, and professional development. To fulfill its mission, the Chapter sponsors an array of initiatives, programs and exhibitions that explore topics interesting to the architectural profession, including housing, planning, historic preservation, and urban design.
Website: http://aiany.aiany.org/ Phone: 212-683-0023
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AIA New York
The AIA New York Chapter is dedicated to three goals: design excellence, public outreach, and professional development.
Website: www.aiany.org Phone: 212.683.0023
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Allen AME Neighborhood Preservation & Development Corporation
Allen AME NP&D is a not-for-profit community based organization established to provide housing and social services to residents of the South East Queens Community of Jamaica, NY. Allen Neighborhood Preservation & Development is communal ministry of the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York. As a housing corporation, Allen NP&D has built approximately 225 units from the ground up of scattered site, two-family housing and has rehabilitated over 300 units since the program's inception. Allen NP&D acknowledges the importance of not operating solely as a housing organization and consequently provides referrals and resources to meet the social, employment and financial needs of the people of the community.
Website: greaterallendc.org/?page_id=7 Phone: 718-658-6660
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Alley Pond Environmental Center
The Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC), a nonprofit environmental education organization, is dedicated to educating children and adults in the New York metropolitan area, protecting and preserving Alley Pond Park, open spaces and waterbodies, and advocating for sustainable environmental policies and practices.
Website: www.alleypond.com Phone: 718.229.4000
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Alliance for Quality Education
The Alliance for Quality Education is a coalition mobilizing communities across the state to keep New York true to its promise of ensuring a high quality public education to all students regardless of zip code. Combining its legislative and policy expertise with grassroots organizing, AQE advances proven-to-work strategies that lead to student success and ultimately create a powerful public demand for a high quality education.
Website: www.aqeny.org/ Phone: 212-992-9751
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Alliance for the Arts
The Alliance for the Arts' is an advocacy for the arts in New York through research and audience development. They publish information on the arts and cultural events in New York City as well as studies highlighting the importance of the arts to the economy and to education.
Website: www.allianceforarts.org Phone: 212.947.6340
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American Academy of Arts and Letters
The American Academy of Arts and Letters was founded in 1898 as an honor society of the country’s leading architects, artists, composers, and writers.The Academy’s 250 members are elected for life and pay no dues. In addition to electing new members as vacancies occur, the Academy seeks to foster and sustain an interest in Literature, Music, and the Fine Arts by administering over 70 awards and prizes, exhibiting art and manuscripts, funding performances of new works of musical theater, and purchasing artwork for donation to museums across the country.
Website: www.artsandletters.org/ Phone: 212-368-5900
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American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)
The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) is a national association that provides leadership and support for its members who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all people.
Website: www.AASLH.org Phone: 615.320.3203
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American Community Gardening Association
American Community Garden Association seeks to build community by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening across the United States and Canada.
Website: http://www.communitygarden.org/ Phone: 877-ASK-ACGA
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American Horticultural Society
American Horticultural Society seeks to open the eyes of all Americans to the vital connection between people and plants, to inspire all Americans to become responsible caretakers of the Earth, to celebrate America's diversity through the art and science of horticulture; and to lead this effort by sharing the Society's unique national resources with all Americans.
Website: http://www.ahsgardening.org/ Phone: 703.768.5700
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American Littoral Society, Northeast Chapter
The American Littoral Society promotes the study and conservation of marine life and habitat, protects the coast from harm through, and empowers others to do the same.
Website: www.littoralsociety.org/ Phone: 718-474-0896
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American Planning Association, New York Metro Chapter
The American Planning Association’s New York Metro Chapter (APA-NYM) supports our members, local communities, schools, and practicing professionals through advocating for good planning practice, hosting diverse events and facilitating professional development opportunities in the New York Metro Area.
Website: www.nyplanning.org Phone: 646-963-9229
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American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter
ASLA-NY is the New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the national professional association representing landscape architects. ASLA-NY was founded to advocate for and serve members studying and practicing landscape architecture in the New York Metropolitan-Long Island region.
Website: www.nyasla.org Phone: 212.269.2984
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Architect's Newspaper
The Architect’s Newspaper serves up news and inside reports to a niche community of architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects, lighting designers, interior designers, academics, developers, contractors, and other parties interested in the built urban environment. The Architect’s Newspaper delivers quality news and cultural reporting through print, web, blog, newsletter, or twitter—all the news you want, in all the ways you want to get it.
Website: archpaper.com Phone: 212.966.0630
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