NYC Landmark Designation Reports

The Neighborhood Preservation Center and New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission have joined together to provide free public online access to the City’s entire collection of Landmark designation reports

Designation reports explain the architectural, historical or cultural significance of an individual landmark or historic district and describe their significant features at the time of designation, which provides the basis of regulating future changes to these properties.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission was established in 1965 when Mayor Robert Wagner signed the local law creating the Commission and giving it its power. The Landmarks Law was enacted in response to New Yorkers' growing concern that important physical elements of the City's history were being lost despite the fact that these buildings could be reused. Events like the demolition of the architecturally distinguished Pennsylvania Station in 1963 increased public awareness of the need to protect the city's architectural, historical, and cultural heritage.

The first building granted Landmark status in 1965 was the 300 year-old Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House and since then, nearly 23,000 New York City landmarks--individual, interior, historic districts and scenic--have been recognized by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The architectural and cultural significance of every Landmark and District has been carefully researched, with the findings documented in an accompanying designation report.

We have created a unique searchable database that allows researchers to browse through the collection of reports by entering various keywords such as an architect's name, a year a structure was built, a neighborhood, an architectural style or a property's former or current name or use.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you do not find the report you're looking for in our Designation Report Database, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 212-228-2781 or

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